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Beating Egg Allergy Trial (BEAT). The effect of early introduction of egg into the diet of infants at high risk for atopy and subsequent egg allergy: A prospective randomised double blind cohort study.

Principle Investigator

Dianne Campbell

Administering Institute

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Major funding source

Ilhan Food Allergy Foundation

Study focus


Study design


Main study aim

To study whether the early introduction of egg prevented egg sensitisation at 1 year of age.

Additional study information

Participants were asked to feed their child 0.5g of egg powder or placebo each day from introduction of solids at around 4 months of age until 12 months of age.

Study population

Healthy full term infants with a family history (1st degree relative) of atopy.

Study status

Recruitment completed January 2014. Data collection completed October 2015.

Study contact: [email protected]

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Main Publication(s):

  1. Wei-Liang Tan J, Valerio C, Barnes EH, Turner PJ, Van Asperen PA, Kakakios AM, et al. A randomized trial of egg introduction from 4 months of age in infants at risk for egg allergyJournal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology. 2017;139(5):1621-1628 e1628. doi: