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Study short name: BEAT

Study full name: Beating Egg Allergy Trial (BEAT). The effect of early introduction of egg into the diet of infants at high risk for atopy and subsequent egg allergy: A prospective randomised double blind cohort study.

Principle Investigator: Dianne Campbell

Administering Institute: The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Major funding source: Ilhan Food Allergy Foundation

Study focus: Prevention

Study design: Intervention

Main study aim: To study whether the early introduction of egg prevented egg sensitisation at 1 year of age.

Additional study information: Participants were asked to feed their child 0.5g of egg powder or placebo each day from introduction of solids at around 4 months of age until 12 months of age.

Study Population: Healthy full term infants with a family history (1st degree relative) of atopy.

Study status: Recruitment completed January 2014. Data collection completed October 2015.

Where can I find more information?

Study website: http://www.schn.health.nsw.gov.au/research

Australia New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry: https://www.australianclinicaltrials.gov.au/anzctr/trial/ACTRN12611000535976

Study contact: [email protected]

Main Publication(s):

  1. Wei-Liang Tan J, Valerio C, Barnes EH, Turner PJ, Van Asperen PA, Kakakios AM, et al. A randomized trial of egg introduction from 4 months of age in infants at risk for egg allergy. Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology. 2017;139(5):1621-1628 e1628. doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jaci.2016.08.035.

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