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Study full name

An Open-label Study of Probiotic and Hen’s Egg or Cow’s Milk Oral Immunotherapy (Probiotic and Egg or Milk Oral Immunotherapy: PrEMO study).

Principle Investigator

Adriana Lozinsky

Administering Institute

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Major funding source

Prota Therapeutics

Study focus


Study design


Main study aim

To assess the rate of sustained unresponsiveness and desensitisation following 18 months of probiotic egg oral immunotherapy (OIT) or probiotic milk OIT.

Additional study information

This is a pilot study investigating whether probiotic given in combination with egg or milk OIT is effective at inducing sustained unresponsiveness in egg and/or milk allergic children. 

Study population

The participants in this study are aged between 5 and 17 years old at time of enrolment. Participants are allergic to egg or milk, and may have additional food allergies.

Study status

Recruitment closed. Data collection ongoing, through mid-2021.

Study contact: [email protected]

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