Study short name


Study full name

Can Vitamin D supplementation in infants prevent food allergy in the first year of life

Principle Investigator

Kirsten Perrett

Administering Institute

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Major funding source

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Immune Tolerance Network (ITN)

Study focus


Study design


Main study aim

To assess whether vitamin D supplementation during infancy can prevent food allergy in the first year of life.

Additional study information

There has been an increase in food allergy in recent years. The cause of this is unknown; however, the number of people experiencing allergic reactions has significantly increased. The aims of this study are to study the relationships between food allergy, vitamin D and immune function in infants.

Study population

Infants, 6-12 weeks old, who are predominantly breastfed and whose mothers intend to continue breastfeeding until the child reaches 6 months of age. We cannot enrol infants who are already receiving vitamin D supplementation, were born under 37 weeks gestation or weighing under 2.5 kg, or have a significant medical problem.

Study status

Recruitment closed.