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Study NameStudy FocusStudy AimState(s)Who can participate?Allergy Status
PEBBLESPreventionTo find out if infant skin management with a particular cream, called EpiCeram™, might help reduce the chances that a child will develop allergiesVICInfants, aged 0-3 weeks (expressions of interest from pregnant women welcome)Baby to have family history of allergy
OPTIMUMPreventionTo investigate if giving a dose of 'whole-cell' whooping cough vaccine between 6 and 12 weeks of age, instead of the 'acellular' whooping cough vaccine can help protect against allergyNow – WA,
Planned – VIC, NSW
Infants, aged 6-12 weeksAll welcome
VITALITYPreventionTo assess whether vitamin D supplementation during infancy can prevent food allergy in the first year of lifeVICInfants, aged 6-12 weeksAll welcome
SYMBAPreventionTo determine whether maternal prebiotic supplementation during pregnancy and breastfeeding can reduce the development of eczema in babiesWAPregnant women, less than 21 weeks gestationBaby to have family history of allergy
PrEggNutPreventionTo test whether the amount of eggs and peanuts a mother eats during pregnancy and breastfeeding has an influence on her baby’s food allergy developmentWA, SA, VIC, NSWPregnant women, less than 23 weeks gestationBaby to have family history of allergy
PEATTreatmentTo test the hypothesis that probiotic and egg OIT is more effective than placebo at inducing sustained unresponsiveness (remission) in participants with egg allergy 8 weeks after end-of-treatmentVICChildren/Adolescents, aged 5-17 yearsFood allergy – egg
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